The Green Deal as a European Path to a Digital Future


This roundtable will bring together eight creative and inspirational European actors that engage with the topic of digital transformation in the context of the European Green Deal. The roundtable aims to discuss if digitalization has been given enough attention in the first proposal of the Green New Deal and what steps should be taken in post-pandemic recovery use the full potential of digital innovations to realize the ambitious goals of the European Green Deal.

A central output of this particular roundtable will be a collaboratively written white paper that shall also be discussed with politicians in the run-up of the federal elections in Germany.



The participants are experts from diverse fields and communities including:

  • Technological enthusiasts

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Political Actors

  • Scientists

  • Change management professionals


Topics and Questions

  • President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, said, “Today we are investing in renewables and algorithms” as part of the Green Deal.

  • This statement should be taken as a starting point to discuss the role of digital transformation in the measures of the European Green Deal.This question gained particular momentum due to the developments during the COVID-19 pandemic and its accelerating impact on the digital transformation.

  • Discussions will also focus on how the Green Deal will support and develop transparency, responsibility, and equality.




Roundtable Context

1: Digitalization and sustainability are two megatrends of the 21st century that steer the activities of businesses and politics in their own manner while also being shaped by them, particularly with regards to building back better after the pandemic. In the current debate around the European Green Deal, sustainability is considered a main driver for positive change within societal and economical structures to reach the European sustainability goal for 2030, however up to now digitalization is addressed in a rather incidental matter.

2: Regarding the current development of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the digital development associated with this, digital technologies will inevitably play a significant role in our future on a social, institutional and individual level. It has shown that digital technologies are an important instrument in crisis management, thus it seems to be key to involve digital developments and innovative technologies in any strategy to building back post Covid. It is obvious, that there is a necessity to analyze the role of digital transformation during the pandemic, learn from it and integrate the potentials into plans for solving future crises, such as the climate crisis.

3: The UBA (= German Federal Environmental Agency), for instance, underlines this obligatory connection between digitalization and a post Covid recovery towards more sustainability in several reports, calling for an alignment between the European Digital Agenda and the European Green Deal. What this alignment could and should look like will be the focus of the roundtable on a digitalized European Green Deal.



The roundtable took place in april. The results are currently being processed.